Meet Mattisyn!
How did you find out about your infertility issues? 
When 1.5 years had gone by and we weren't getting pregnant on our own I decided we need to see what was going on. We found out that I was fine but that my husband was the issue and the only way we would ever be able to have kids of our own would be to do IVF. We were heartbroken when we first found out because all we knew or heard was that its such an expensive and long process. Through all the ups and downs, a failed transfer and then our last embryo finally taking we welcomed our beautiful daughter Austyn Jane on November 14, 2016. As much as it hurt so bad going through all of that I really wouldn't trade it for the world because it taught us so much and I feel made us better parents because of it.

What are some of the difficulties you’ve had? 
I would say not knowing when or if we would ever become parents. We both wanted a baby so bad and were at the point where we would do just about anything. So when we finally found out we were pregnant it honestly didn't feel real to me until I was in the delivery room!

How have they impacted you? Your family?
Are you referring to how has our child impacted us or our family? If so, she's impacted us all in the best way! She has truly made me a better person and mom I think since we had to work so hard to get her here. I just look at her and think " How did we get so lucky, we are so very blessed!" 

What do you wish people understood about infertility?
I guess just that its ok to talk about. It was so hard for me to open up at first and any time I did I would just cry my eyes out. But its okay!! its okay to be sad, its ok to be scared, its ok to be nervous. It really helped me so much when I started talking about it and other girls going through the same thing and even ones that weren't just being there for me or talking with me. If you know someone or have a friend dealing with it don't ignore the fact that they're going through it. I feel like at times we just want people to acknowledge that we are going through probably the hardest thing we will go through in our life and just be there for us!

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