After a year of trying naturally we began to wonder if something was wrong, and why we couldn’t get pregnant. We tried everything from ovulation tests to timing sex. I just had a gut feeling something wasn’t right. I scheduled an appointment with my OB and asked her to check my hormone levels. My OB and I were both shocked to find out I was in premature ovarian failure. I was 27 years old, how could this be happening? She referred me out quickly to an RE for further testing and treatment. After seeing an RE she confirmed my diagnosis and told us our best chance of conceiving was IVF. She also recommended donor eggs since my reserve was very low. 
This was really hard for us to hear and even believe. Our families were super supportive which helped us a lot. We were going to need all the support and love we could get. IVF is not only emotionally, financially and physically draining on yourself but it can take a toll on your relationship too. 
We decided we wanted to try IVF with my own eggs first. We started right away and our first round only got 4 mature eggs and 2 embryos. They were unfortunately poor quality but we transferred anyways and prayed. Ultimately that round did not result in a pregnancy and we were devastated. We decided to try one more time before moving on to donor eggs, this time with a new protocol and maximum medication dosages. We got 2 mature eggs and 1 embryo. We transferred our only embryo with hopes that this was it, this was our baby. 

First beta confirmed an absolute miracle! Our baby was born January 15, 2018. He is everything we prayed for and more. One thing I wish people understood about infertility is that this is a disease, it’s not something you can just “stop trying and it will happen” or “just relax, you're young and have time”. I was young and I was quickly running out of time, and it wasn’t going to happen on its own. Please be more sensitive and don’t give advice on infertility if you haven’t suffered from it yourself. Infertility can be lonely, instagram has given me such a sense of community and connecting with other women going through the same or similar situation has what’s really gotten me through and still does! 

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